Comic Art by Gonzalez

My friend’s sister’s and dad’s dogs, Belle and Jackson.

Color pencil, ink pen, and Photoshop


Pet Caricature

Let me make you a memorable, unique, digital drawing of your beloved pet. I love to draw animals and believe that each animal has its own personality, so I take pride in the ability to capture your pet’s individuality. For example, I don’t just draw a generic Chihuahua…I draw your own special, unique, and beloved Chihuahua!


My son’s dog, Olaf.
Ink pen and Photoshop



A rough sketch of your pet with no background for $10.

A rough sketch of your pet with a background for $15.

A black inked line drawing of your pet with no background for $20.

A black inked line drawing of your pet with a background for $25.

A color drawing of your pet with no background for $30.

A color drawing of your pet with a background for $35.

(Add $15 for each additional pet or character.)



Let’s Talk


Do you like what you see? Is the pricing reasonable? Then contact Bob at to get started. On the other hand, perhaps we can chat live. Just click on the Messenger icon at the bottom of the page. This is an initial contact. If you would prefer to talk by phone, we can arrange that. You tell me what you want and then I will give you the price. Next, you will say, “Fantastic!”, or something like that, and then I start drawing!

See pricing example below.



My sister’s birds, Gonzo and Oscar.
This is an example of a color drawing with a background and an extra character.
Color with background…$35…plus one extra character…$15…so $35+$15=$50.


But that’s not all!

Imagine your little angel on a coffee mug, t-shirt, or dog tag. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to imagine because I can show you what it will look like when you click the link below. You will be taken to my Redbubble store. There, you will find examples of how your own pet might look like on all of those products. Underneath each sample product you will see “Shop all products>” Click on that to see a wide variety of products. Now go! Pet Caricature Swag.

This is how it works. After I finish your design, and if you should request it of me, I will place that design on the product of your choice and display it on the Pet Caricature Swag website (my Redbubble store). Next, pick your color, style, size, etc. and place your order. Redbubble will manufacture your product and ship it right to your door. Aint modern technology wonderful?! (The design I draw for you is charged separately from any products purchased from Redbubble.)

Plus, if you purchase any Redbubble product, I will give you the speed-drawing video of your design for free. See example below.

If you do not purchase any Redbubble products, you can still get your speed-drawing for an additional $10. I will record all drawings. However, after a reasonable amount of time I will need to delete them, so make sure that you let me know your intentions.


A Whimsical Gift

Odds are, you probably know somebody in your life who will go ga ga for a gift like this. Humans love their pets and would be delighted to get a Pet Caricature. Just send me some good pictures of the pet in various poses and I will do the rest! 50% payment required to start working on your art, and the remaining 50% is due upon completion. What you get from me (besides a sweet drawing) is the digital form of the art. It is yours to do with what you please. You can take the digital art file to your local printer and have them enlarge it so that you can put it into a frame, for example.


My brother’s dog, A.J.
Huion and Photoshop

Do you have any questions? Please ask!

I would love to do this for you, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Let’s clear up all the details so that I can get started on your personal Pet Caricature! Contact me at

Below are some more examples of my art and prices.


From left to right, Axle, Sawyer, and my brother, Joey.

Huion drawing tablet and Photoshop


Zoomie the Cat

Huion and Photoshop


My sister’s pig, Molly.
rough sketch

My niece’s dog, Kreacher. $35

Stacie Magrane’s dog, Buddy. $35

My uncle’s squirrel, Simon.
Ink pen, and watercolor paint

Cheeko $45

My nephew’s toad, Woo Poo Chow.
Ink pen, watercolor, and Photoshop
My cousin’s rat, Arthur.
Ink pen, watercolor, and Photoshop
My brother’s cats, Sib and Ling.
Watercolor paint




Thanks for stopping by! 


Artistically Licensed

Contact….Bob Gonzalez at


Terms of Service

No refunds. I promise to give your drawing 100% of my effort and talent. If you like my samples and you like my style, then most likely you will like the drawing that I do for you. I will make every effort to make you happy. If you don’t like my samples and style, move along.